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Pause for Prayer: May Jesus Christ Be Praised!

Prayer plays such an important role in our daily lives. I am always humbled when I think that the Creator of the universe, the King of Kings, and my Shepherd, actually is eager to hear my heart with its praise and concerns. As I read Scripture, I am always struck by a word or phrase that seems to guide my prayer words each day. I’d like to share some of those thoughts and words with you as I draw you to a portion of Scripture and then share a prayer with you. Perhaps you might like to add a sentence or two to personalize the prayer. Remember, God is eager to hear from you.

The forecast was for a gray, cloudy day. I woke up this morning, much earlier than usual, partly because the sun was pouring through my bedroom windows. It was entirely too beautiful to stay in bed. I got up, got dressed, and went outside for a walk – long before the rest of the world even started to stir. The sun was shining, the air was crisp, and no one was around. Before I knew it, I was singing:

When morning gilds the skies,

My heart awaking cries:

May Jesus Christ be praised!

Do you know that throughout the six verses of this hymn, we sing “May Jesus Christ be praised” twelve times? What an encouragement to praise the One Who created this world, created each of us, and watches over us – moment by moment through this pandemic!

Let’s pause for prayer:

Heavenly Father, what a joy it is to come to You when the day is still new. My heart awakens to hear the birds chirp good morning to each other, to see the sun begin its trek across a beautiful blue sky, to look in wonder at the trees budding in these days of spring. Everything that my eyes gaze upon are gifts from You, Creator God. I am reminded of the Psalmist praising You saying:

“In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice;

in the morning I lay my request before You,

and wait expectantly.” (Psalm 5:3)

Thank You for my quiet walk this morning, thank you for hearing my voice and listening to my requests as I lifted my family, my friends, and my innermost longings before You. And thank You for the strong assurance that You, my Heavenly Father, cares about me and my concerns. I do wait trustingly and expectantly to see Your hand as You lovingly respond to those things that weigh heavy on my heart.

In these uncertain days, You are the one and only certain hope we have. And because of Your great love we can depend on You for guidance and protection. I will be reminded of that as I journey through this day-the unknown hours that lay before me are known only to You and I am confident that You have gone before me and will guide and direct my paths.

This day belongs to You – may Jesus Christ be praised!


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